Sunday afternoon visitor

Curled up in the bag of charcoal!

Snake handler playing with her

Just before he put her in the crate, to take her away

Sunrise & Sunset



False Bay

Solitary house up the mountain

South Easter wind blowing over False Bay

Christmas 2012 – in the Karoo with Megan

Megan feeding all the pets

Karoo Christmas tree

Karoo Christmas tree at night

It gets HOT in the Karoo!

Snow in mid-summer! – Nov 2011

Early morning traffic?

Sweets for my sugar and strawberries for my honey

View from Mooiberge strawberry farm

Scarecrows in the strawberry fields

From the stoep

Sweets for my sugar!

At Postcard Café

The birds and the bees and other critters

Karoo Farm – before and after the rain